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Finding the Best Route to Your Goals

Trying to find your best path toward financial independence is kind of like trying to find the best way to New York City from your front door. There are many routes you could take, some more pleasing or direct than others.

Saving You Time

Given all these avenues, you have to figure out the most sensible route. The only hitch is, you don’t have time to explore all the routes ahead of you.

There’s good news: Thomas Ela has explored many of them for you. Tom and his company, Ela Financial Group, Inc., are making investment and retirement planning easier for self-made business owners and professionals.

Serving You Actively

Ela Financial Group, Inc. is a boutique firm - a personal, friendly Main Street alternative to Wall Street, a place people have come to associate with sound advice and great customer service. Tom’s wife Trish, who is also registered, is often the first person that clients call.

Ela Financial Group’s regular asset management promotes regular contact with its clients. As a result, its clients enjoy real, trusted relationships, not simply occasional contact. They know that they can come to Tom and ask almost any financial question - and that Tom and his affiliated network of financial professionals will find an answer.

Tom built his business the old-fashioned way: from an idea, from confidence in himself, and with thousands of hours of work. He understands the struggle, toil and sacrifices his clients have made to get where they are; he plans to help them get where they want to go. He does the hard work so they can one day work less and retire with confidence.

E-mail Tom at Ela Financial Group today, and find a more personal way of planning the future.