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Upcoming Webinars

Everplans - TBD
• Provides one place for you to house all of your important data
• Lets you organize, store and share information.
• Allows accessibility on several levels letting you appoint “deputies,” such as your kids, to share the information with.

Medicare 101 – TBD
• How it works – Medicare Basics & Understanding enrollment
• Medigap Policies and Prescription Drug Plans supplements
• How to file for coverage/claims
• How to manage expenses in retirement

Social Security for Baby Boomers – TBD
• When to file
• How to receive your highest monthly benefit
• Spousal benefits/survivor benefits and strategies
• Taxation of benefits

Saavy Cybersecurity – TBD
• Improving your cyber security
• What you can do to minimize your email hacking threat (most of us are one click away from giving away all of our information)
• Strategies to help secure your data

We hope you will join us and start 2017 positive, healthy and organized!